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December 2023 product update

🚀  New

  • Additional Platform Support. We've added Pinterest to our supported social media platforms. (read more)

  • Social Media Platform Search. A ground breaking new social media profile search algorithm built-into the platform that makes social profile discovery a snap. (read more)

  • Subject notes and history. Now users can add internal notes and view history in a timeline format of all updates to any subject in Ferretly.

🌟  Enhancements 

  • Reports. A new refreshed look to include report abstract, social profile page, and ability to customize post insights to include the analytics you want and their order on the report. (read more)

  • Behavioral Analysis. We have simplified the behaviors (formerly referred to as risk classifications) and given them more descriptive names. (read more)

  • User experience including new help center. User experience has been greatly simplified and added a more comprehensive online help system.

  • Compliance updates. In order to stay more fully compliant with FCRA and other regulations, we have updated some of the capabilities and restricted others in order to keep you and your reports compliant with these laws.